This patented device, called “VARUN”, is the first and only device of its kind in the world that promises to benefit the tea industry during the tea production season.


Controller of the Patent Office of the Government of India grants Gwahati-based veteran tea planter Ranjit Chaliha a patent on the development of a new device to overcome the inconsistencies that prevail under normal dry conditions during tea production,


This patented device called “VARUN” is the first and only device of this type in the world and will benefit the tea industry suffering from fluctuations in the surrounding air during the tea production season. I promise.


Due to the rapid temperature and humidity fluctuations throughout the year, achieving consistent quality is difficult and requires constant adjustments during the manufacturing process to achieve the desired levels. “VARUN” is compact and durable, which senses the condition of the ambient air in the dry area of ​​the tea factory and instantly calculates the ideal inlet and outlet temperatures needed to maintain them in real time. It is an electronic device significant energy savings are achieved with the temperature and the corresponding real-time exhaust gas temperature depending on the surrounding climate.


In 2016, “VARUN” obtained an invention patent from the National Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China. Ranjit Chaliha is a mechanical engineer at the University of Jadafpur and has been actively involved in the research and development of the tea industry for over 60 years in his tea plantation career.


He previously designed an innovative green tea leaf trailer that was widely used in the industry and produced the desired results. He was the chairman of the Engineering Subcommittee of the Tea Research Association (TRA) of Tocklai, the world’s oldest laboratory for tea development. He was also the general manager of Korangani Tea Company Pvt. He helped introduce state-of-the-art production practices at the Colanginity Estate in Dibrugarh, Assam.