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    When it comes to entrusting your international patent translation to a partner, AnalystIP’s patent translation services protect your intellectual property in any of your interested countries with timely delivery, quality, cost saving and Certificate for the translation.

    We have experts to perform the translations. Because translation services can be complicated, you need a partner who can handle the entire process and exceed all of your expectations. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

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    • Quick Turnaround time to Secure Earliest Priority Date

    • Multi-lingual Capabilities Covering 150+ Countries

    • Automatic Updates on Ongoing Project

    • Cloud Based Access of Documents and Search Reports

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    Specialized Patent translation services for any field

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    Trademark objection comes once examiner examine the Trademark Application as per the various section of Trademark Act of the country specific. The examiner determine the filed application is relevant to your goods or services, and distinct enough to not infringe with a similar mark registered earlier by another party.

    Alain Salou

    I received my project on time and recommend AnalystIP to anyone getting into this field. I have found that they render a high level of service at a reasonable and project delivery on time

    John Richard

    They have handled my prosecution matter at the best level. My patents got granted in maximum countries at one office action.

    Massimo Perusi

    They helped my to file my PCT application for national phase filing within 1 days when I was struggling with the deadline matter.

    Shin Chul Han