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    What is Patent Valuation

    Patent valuation is about knowing the economic value,  Future Value Forecast, and, Financial Modelling to Estimate Cash Flows. The cash flows are estimated with discounting for patent contribution and discounting for patent risk assessment of the patents owned by the organization or company. In this way, the economic importance of IP can be determined and all strategic decisions can be made from it. Knowing the rating, it is important to understand that it also helps in obtaining strategic licenses and contracts related to the company’s intellectual property.

    There are also several instances where an IP assessment is required and without it such strict mandates cannot be met.

    Advantage of Patent Valuation

    Some of the Advantages of Patent Valuation

    • Covers different factors, such as size of market, market share, annual growth rate, per unit price, profit margin, and feasibility of making the patented product in the market or licensing purpose

    • Valuation of the company's intangible assets in cases of tax planning decisions. A company does not have to report its tangible assets but also intangible assets in the form of intellectual property for paying taxes

    • A company invests more in intangible assets, research and development activities than in tangible assets. Therefore, measuring the economic value of intangible assets can determine the value of assets

    • In order to license and sell intellectual property and negotiate agreements with the parties, the price of the patent or intellectual property must be known

    • In the event of patent infringement, the damage is determined. Properly evaluating the patent would help the patentee to claim damages from the other party

    • The patent valuation serves as collateral for bank loans. Patent valuation is also used to attract venture capitalists and investor

    Our Methods

    Our Patent Valuation Method

    • Market size & Market share of said Technology

    • Quantitative Approach – Numerical and Economic data to measure the value of the intellectual property

    • Qualitative Approach – analysis of potential uses. It deals with the opportunities and risk associated of the company

    • Product factor, evaluating the important the patent is to the overall product

    • Product factor, evaluating the important the patent is to the overall product

    How analystIP assist

    Assistance Patent Valuation

    Our experts assist you in  valuation process . We assign attorneys who have significant experience working for the firm for a significant period of time. One attorney will be working on your case file generally for the entire process history of that case file and they will be in discussion with you, unless we complete the entire process.

    Additional benefits

    Benefits with AnalystIP

    • Dedicated Patent Attorney for Entire Process

    • Highly Competitive Customized Fee Schedule

    • Automatic Updates on Ongoing Project

    • Cloud Based Access of Documents

    What our clients say

    Our Testimonials

    I have worked with AnalystIP for many years on all types of patent search projects from drafting provisional applications to creating massive support documents for accelerated examination applications. In all cases analystip search provide on-target search results in a timely, economical manner across a multiple technologies. AnalystIP firm’s search has proven to be highly adaptable on project requirements and is worthy of your search dollar.

    Emily Bell

    In my past practice in the IP, AnalystIP is the first patent search firm that I rely upon consistently. They impresses me with high quality searches for me in the electrical, software, medical device and mechanical arts. They provided me in, though, with their report format. They have a professional way of knowing what we want and their reports make the attorneys in our firm more efficient.

    Nicole Sanders

    Patent searches are a critical part of our work. AnalystIP is our go-to professional search firm. They’re efficient, comprehensive, and take a hands-on approach with their operation. Combines the 3 things: timeliness, accuracy, and reasonable rates. Highly recommended.

    Hector Rivera

    I’ve been involved with a lot of patent creation from my years in large Aerospace, first as a technologist, than as a technology manager. But to date, I have never seen a patent search report of AnalystIP.

    martin Evan