Patent Landscape Search with AnalystIP Professionals

AnalystIP is capable for preparing exhaustive Patent Landscape Search which may assist you in exploration business and legal decision makers to a company while developing new product in the market.


    What is Patent Landscape Search ?

    Patent landscapes are often powerful belongings for the exploration, business, and legal decision making in a company, irrespective of whether starting time or established. Patent Landscape Search is a comprehensive search for patents in specific technical field of your interest. The Patent Landscape Search can differentiate potential patent portfolios from existing or potential infringers to be pursued, and potential technology to be exploited. Patent landscaping is normally performed on behalf of companies or Research & Development team that are seeking to develop new products in a particular area. The data picked-up from a patent landscape is used to employee to companies to develop their marketable strategies and research and development strategies. A patent landscape could be helpful for companies in minimize research risks by concentrating on areas that do not contain a lot of patents and can assist companies identify areas for future growth where there are few patents pending.

    Our team prepare Patent Landscape Search report that gives executives and technologists to inventors with IP business intelligence about how and what volume your competitors are protecting innovations in particular areas of technology. We start with broad patent landscape and progressively step by step refine the analytics at several levels of detail. This value-rich perspective provides the actionable perception you want to support strategic business and investment decisions and strengthen your patent portfolio.


    There are so many reasons or benefits to conduct Patent Landscape Search as mentioned below.
    • To monitor market of interest in particular technology domain

    • Know the competitors and which all the patents are in public domain

    • Determine what other technologies your competitors are working

    • Opportunities to monetize patents

    • Technology Trends and Roadmaps

    How analystIP assist for

    Patent Landscape Search

    We have inhouse team of experts, specialize on multiple technology domains. Our experts conduct the Search in various databases in literature database and non-patent literature coverage (scientific literature, journal articles, conference papers and many more) around the World. We use paid software for searching and preparing best exhaustive report which definitely assist you to make perfect decisions. All the searched references are manually analysis, reviewed by subject matter experts.

    Our Attorneys Technical Expertise

    Various Technical Domains

    Additional benefits

    Benefits with AnalystIP

    • Customized Reports: Solutions and customizations based on client requirements and focus area

    • Quick turnaround time with highly competitive fee structure

    • Access to the world’s leading 150+ patent and non-patent literature databases

    • Results are provided in a user friendly format with hyperlinks and bookmarks, in Microsoft excel, Html and PowerPoint formats.

    • Automatic Updates on Ongoing Project

    • Cloud Based Access of Documents and Search Reports

    • Detailed Reporting with Analysis by Subject matter Experts

    Our clients

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    Our Testimonials

    I have worked with AnalystIP for many years on all types of patent search projects from drafting provisional applications to creating massive support documents for accelerated examination applications. In all cases analystip search provide on-target search results in a timely, economical manner across a multiple technologies. AnalystIP firm’s search has proven to be highly adaptable on project requirements and is worthy of your search dollar.

    Emily Bell

    In my past practice in the IP, AnalystIP is the first patent search firm that I rely upon consistently. They impresses me with high quality searches for me in the electrical, software, medical device and mechanical arts. They provided me in, though, with their report format. They have a professional way of knowing what we want and their reports make the attorneys in our firm more efficient.

    Nicole Sanders

    Patent searches are a critical part of our work. AnalystIP is our go-to professional search firm. They’re efficient, comprehensive, and take a hands-on approach with their operation. Combines the 3 things: timeliness, accuracy, and reasonable rates. Highly recommended.

    Hector Rivera

    I’ve been involved with a lot of patent creation from my years in large Aerospace, first as a technologist, than as a technology manager. But to date, I have never seen a patent search report of AnalystIP.

    martin Evan

    Freqently asked questions

    What are the benefits of performing Patent Landscape Search?

    There are so many reasons or benefits to conduct Patent Landscape Search as mentioned below.

    a) To monitor market of interest in particular technology domain
    b) Know the competitors and which all the patents are in public domain
    c) Determine which of your patents are most valuable
    e) Determine what other technologies your competitors are working
    f) Technology Trends and Roadmaps

    Why are patent landscape analysis generally conducted ?

    For businesses that look forth to develop a new product in a particular area
    To help companies evolve and develop their business strategies or plans
    To help companies identify their competitors
    To help companies identify which particular area does not contain a lot of patents To help minimize risk and identify areas for future growth.

    What is the Process for Patent Landscaping?

    In short, for patent landscaping, computer software coupled with human intelligence are employed, to survey, organize and report on essential data, related to the reason behind the patent landscaping. A patent landscape once completed, helps the beneficiary derive significant legal, technical, and business information from the analysis or the report.